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Photo of Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Sherman Hu

Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Colin McDougall, Colin Arthur Weibe

Michael showed me one simple strategy that instantly increased website revenues, across ALL my sites by 32%. Not bad for an hour’s work!!! ~ Ken McCarthy, The System® Seminar

I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that I was receiving help from a guy that would propel my business beyond what I ever thought possible. Thanks to Michael W. Campbell I now earn six figures and enjoy the lifestyle I always dreamed of. If you want more from your work and your life, then you MUST listen to what Michael has to say. It’s an honest assessment without a hidden agenda. ~ Colin McDougall, Affiliate Marketing Legend

Michael Campbell more than doubled my conversion rate from 6.5% to 13.5%. He is a traffic and conversion genius. ~ Ed Parry, U.K. Water Filters

Michael, I have two words for you… astounding results! My ad revenue jumped by over 500%. ~ Chuck Lunsford

A kind thanks for all the help you’ve provided. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have made it. I quit my day job and started affiliate marketing full time. There have been some ups and downs, but I managed to gross about $1,000,000 in single year. Pretty damn amazing. – Paul Nagel

Following Michael’s advice I made adjustments to four of my sites. ALL of them saw a conversion increase. The same traffic, just more sales. While getting more traffic is important, what’s overlooked is how to get more people to buy. Michael’s approach is a game changer. You will see the buying process in a light you have never considered before and that will give you an edge in your market. ~ Jerry West, SEO Revolution

Michael isn’t just a master of creative ideas that generate clicks, he’s uniquely adept at converting them into paying customers. ~ Jeffrey Smith, SEO Design Solutions

Michael is my go-to guy for marketing answers. When it comes to getting clicks and increasing sales, he is the only one I need to call for advice. Chances are if he doesn’t have the answers, no one does. ~ Adam Black, Serial Entrepreneur

Business owners really need to understand that getting marketing assistance from Michael Campbell is a blessing and nothing less. He has engineered a substantial increase in traffic and my web based revenues. ~ Dapinder Singh

Michael, I used your affiliate marketing strategies and have been making steady income and I owe you a huge thanks. I bought a big house in Florida and recently moved there, all off of affiliate income. Not bad for a truck driver! – Chuck W. (Last name withheld by request.)

Michael Campbell is one of the original lighthouses on the rocky shores of the Internet marketing world. I can promise you that if it wasn’t for his advice and guidance, I would not have been working from home all these years. ~ Dr. Andy Williams (Author, Educator, WordPress & SEO Expert)

Michael is one of the few marketing experts that I trust and respect. I know that I can rely on his business advice for all my pivotal decisions. ~ Nial Roche

I’ve been following Michael’s advice for years. It’s like having an SEO and marketing doctor on call, any time I need one. ~ Benu Aggarwal, Milestone Internet Marketing

If you want to improve your conversion rate, but don’t want to waste time and money through trial and error testing, call Michael first. He is like a living cheat-sheet, best-practice guide, that I refer to BEFORE I start to test. He’s never failed to improve my client’s sales, or increase their advertising revenues via site design. ~ Sherman Hu

Thank you for all the precious lessons. Your copywriting, sales and marketing advice punched up my salesletter with the proper structure and now it WORKS! ~ John Alexander, Search Engine Academy

Thank you for all the unique and interesting marketing ideas. I’m happy to say that I’m getting significantly more customers thanks to your tips and advice. ~ Paul Smith, Pay Per Click Consultants

Michael has knowledge and experience. He holds nothing back, while staying focused and patient with your questions. He is a true internet marketing expert. Do yourself a favor and grab a few hours of consulting with him. It’s a good investment no matter what projects are coming up for your company. ~ William Blitz

Everything Michael tells you is reliable, useful and true. When your brain is fried from confusion and conflict, try some Michael Campbell and call me in the morning. I know you’ll humming your way to success. This guy is a real gem. ~ Mary Greene

I’m happy to say that I’m now getting 5-10 times more clicks! ~ Charles Amith

Your idea provided the missing link in a revenue model that I’ve been working on for the past year. Thank you for an elegant solution. ~ Amit Savyon

I respect Michael’s work because he doesn’t talk about theory. He’s a successful marketer and all his strategies have been developed from much study, combined with his own trial & error experience. I applaud his willingness to share that wisdom with us. ~ Kirk VandenBerghe

Thank you for the awesome marketing ideas! I’m definitely recommending your advice for anyone planning to get serious about advertising their online business. ~ Duncan MacIntyre

I personally want to thank you. I’ve definitely increased my income as a result of your advice. I would highly recommend that everyone serious about growing their business gets at least a couple of phone sessions with you. ~ Brian Maroevich, Avalanche Response Marketing

In a category replete with books of theory, you stand alone as the one who tells us, “I did it, and here’s how.” The only downside is, if a guy doesn’t “get it” after reading Clicking it Rich 2, you gotta’ question his motivation, not the information. It’s tough not having an excuse! – Leslie Rohde

Michael Campbell is patient and attentive. He has outstanding marketing knowledge with unique insights. He generously shares his expertise with others and is genuinely interested in, and committed to, advising others on how to achieve success. ~ Sue Chappel Ph.D.

I’m up to 892 visitors per day in just six weeks! Not bad for spending a few minutes a day – and I’m only using about half of your recommendations so far. It’s amazing how well your advice works and how much fun it is too. ~ Jonni Good

Non stop marketing ideas and rock solid business advice, that’s why Michael is my most trusted advisor. ~ Christian Weselak, the PPC Ninja

I’m one of the ones who listened to you and prospered. I’m now far beyond what I thought was ever possible. Had I listened to someone else, and not kept looking for a mentor I could really trust, I would not be in the place I am. It took only 6 months of following your advice, to get on track and be self employed for life. (My dream for near 30 years of trying.) ~ Les Oke

The praise & testimony I want to give can never equal the value you’ve brought to our web revenue operations with your inspired, strategic genius. My wife, kids and grandkids will continue to be grateful to you for decades. What a blessing. ~ C. Cotton, Piano Legend

I’m president of my own non profit foundation now, but as an ex-internet marketer who made his fortune with affiliate marketing (and ex-client of yours) turned philanthropist, I still subscribe to all your great ideas. You are the embodiment of the more you give, the more you get, which is the philosophy of our foundation. ~ John Curtin

Now instant message me Michael W. Campbell on Skype (dynamic888 in Vancouver) and we’ll set up a time for a chat. I look forward to advising you, on how to increase your website traffic, and dramatically improve your conversion rates.