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How to Compare Digital Marketing Consultants

Photo of Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Sherman Hu

Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Sherman Hu

“If you want to improve your conversion rate, but don’t want to waste time and money through trial and error testing, call Michael first. He is like a living cheat-sheet, best-practice guide, that I refer to BEFORE I start to test. He’s never failed to improve my client’s sales, or increase their advertising revenues via site design.” ~ Sherman Hu

Coaching and consulting is unregulated. Therefore, anyone can hang out a shingle and open shop. You’ll need to perform a little due diligence before choosing your guide.

Take these into consideration before hiring someone; their amount of education, their practical experience, and their areas of expertise.

The education is important because you want to deal with a smart person, but education is all theory and best practices until proven. The last thing you want is someone who’s never left campus, or put their skin in the game.

The practical experience – some would argue – is more beneficial than education. That may be true in many cases, especially when it comes to trades and technicians. But education along with experience, encourages higher level thought, better problem solving skills and creative thinking. So a combo of both is best.

The consultant’s expertise must match your current needs. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Any consultant should hand you 15-20 minutes of their time for free, as a preliminary conversation. Their skill set, including knowledge, wisdom and experience must match your needs, or they cannot possibly guide you.

“Non stop marketing ideas and rock solid business advice, that’s why Michael is my most trusted advisor.” ~ Christian Weselak, the PPC Ninja

Want to compare me with others? Please do. Here are my bullet points.

  • Over 30 years of practical experience in all aspects of digital marketing
  • A degree in graphic design and communications, specialized in advertising
  • Written over 250 internet marketing newsletters, ebooks and courses
  • Performed over 3,500 consultations to date with hundreds of testimonials
  • Active websites in several categories, currently generating affiliate revenue.
  • Insatiable reader of all things marketing, advertising, technology and design
  • This domain DynamicMedia.com, registered in 1996, has had one owner, me

Now go compare what I bring to the table with your alternates. I will be here to answer any additional questions that you may have.

If you’re wondering about the cost of my services, you can find them here. If you are ready for a preliminary discussion, ping me (dynamic888) on Skype and we can chat.