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Digital Marketing Advice

I currently offer five types of service. There’s coaching, consulting, retaining, bartering and custom.

Coaching – Ideal for Solopreneurs

Coaching is informal and doesn’t require an appointment. My coaching fee is $200 a month. You get one hour of my time per month, but you do not have to use it all at once. It’s the fast, personalized, easy way to get advice, the moment you want it.

You get access to me anytime you want, through any medium you want. We can instant message and do a phone call (fastest), do a video call (may need to set up a time), or write emails (most costly because it’s the slowest at conveying information). 

Consulting – Perfect for Small Business

My hourly rate for consultations is $200 US per hour for repeat customers and $300 US per hour for new customers. Consulting requires an appointment. The minimum time you can book is 30 minutes. (I charge more for new customers because I spend time researching you and your market, before we get on the call.)

If you’re representing a big company with over 50 employees, my rate is $500 for the first hour and $300 per hour after that. (I charge more for big companies, because the advice I give, often leads to huge jumps in revenue after just one session.)

Retaining – For Projects Big and Small

If you choose to retain me, with unlimited access to me, my base rate is $1,500 per week, or $5,000 a month. It is however, negotiable, depending on the nature of the project.

Bartering – Want to Trade?

If you have something to barter, like a product or service I can use, inside information, tips, tactics, or strategies that I’d be interested in, let’s talk.

Custom – Unique Solutions For You

My off the rack solutions aren’t for everyone. So let’s get on the phone and talk about what you want to accomplish. If I can be of assistance in that specific area, we can set up a custom solution, just for you.

How to Pay

Payment is made in advance via check, direct deposit, or PayPal. Once we agree on a time, I will give you my PayPal email address and the funds must be deposited before the consultation, or coaching can begin. Time cannot be banked. If you do not use the full hour of coaching, it cannot be tacked on to the next month.

Get Started – Let’s Go!

Find me on Skype. Look for username dynamic888 Michael W. Campbell in Vancouver. Send me an instant message. If I’m available, we can chat right away. We can have preliminary discussion about your needs. If I can help you, we can set up a time for a consultation, or start the coaching.