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Answers to Questions About Consulting

How do I know you’re the right consultant for me?

The truth is, I might not be. That is what the free preliminary discussion is for. You might need an expert, or specialist in a very niche area. If I have the skill set, I can guide you. If I don’t have what you need, I won’t waste your time. I can refer you to a competitor of mine, that’s better suited to your needs.

How do I know that your advice will work for me?

The only way you can hire me is if I can help you. That is what I stake my reputation on. I listen to where you are now, and where you want to be. That interval between the two, is the potential for me to guide you. If I have experience, knowledge or wisdom on the topic, and it would benefit you, we can proceed with the coaching or consulting.

How do I know that I can trust you?

Unless you were referred by a friend, colleague, or customer, you can only go on gut instinct. That’s because trust is something that’s earned through repetition and time. If you’ve never heard of me, there’s hundreds of testimonials and reviews from elated customers that you can examine. And if you want, message me on Skype (dynamic888) or fill out the contact form, and we’ll chat, no charge.

(Many long term customers have become close friends. I no longer charge them, because they return equal or greater value back to me. Now we chat all the time, sharing tactics, tips and strategies. That is the reward for being a long term, loyal customer.)

Will your advice work in my country?

I’ve learned through 30+ years of advertising experience that human nature is similar across the globe. We all have similar fears, desires and emotions. I have served clients in every continent and dozens of countries. That includes the usual USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, but also Chile, India, Malaysia, China, and Japan. There are important differences between cultures to be sure. But when it all boils down, what motivates, persuades and influences people into action, has remained the same over time and through cultures.

How do I know I can afford to do what you suggest?

Before I can guide you, I will need to know your starting marketing budget. You tell me what you can afford and I will tell you what options are available in that price range. That includes services, methods, software, and technologies, that can be applied to your current situation. Then upon receiving the advice, you can choose which options work best for you. Once the marketing begins, it is tested and tracked. Once you know what works, you’ll have positive return on your marketing, which can be invested back into growing the business.

Do you provide a written reports after the session?

I can provide you with a written report, should you desire to hire me to write one for you. This would require booking additional time to do the writing. This varies depending on the scope of the work. We would agree on a price prior to me writing the report for you.

Do you review my website and advertising prior to the session?

If you want me to do a website review, read a plan, or test your site for usability, you would need to book enough time to cover it. For example, if you booked me for an hour, but it took me 30 minutes to review your site, there would only be 30 minutes remaining to discuss the site. In this case it would make more sense to book me for a 90 minute session.

Can I record the consultation using an audio recorder at my end?

Yes, you may record the conversation if you choose to do so. You can also hire a transcription service after the call, if you want a typed version of it as well. You can host it on your server, for your private use only, but not for sale, or public sharing. The private use may include your employees. If you want to interview me for any other purpose, like an ebook, joint venture, or other project, let’s talk.

Will you design my website? Write my ads and my sales collateral?

Website design is something I used to do a few decades ago. These days, it’s best to find a good hosting company like Chillidog Hosting, install WordPress, get a fast responsive theme like Thesis Focus, and post content. It’s important to learn how to maintain the website yourself. If you would like me to help write and design your ads, and the sales copy on your site, I can help you with that, if you put me on retainer for a few months. That’s because for me to write your copy, I need to understand the wants, needs, and likes, of your customer, and that takes time to research.

Can you help me increase my profit margins?

Marketing and advertising can only affect gross sales. It’s job is to get the customer to your virtual doors. Advertising cannot affect what happens after the customer arrives. That said, I can help you with conversion rates, the sales copy on your website, and customer loyalty, all of which will increase revenue. However, profit margins depend on your inventory, payroll, expenses, markup and other factors beyond my control. However, I can make suggestions on how you can improve in those areas, which could affect your margins.

How long will I need to keep you on as a consultant?

The short answer is, as long as you find my advise useful. I have customers that have retained me for decades. (I have been a digital marketing consultant since 1988, well before the advent of the internet.) Other people need just a single session to fix an issue, or remove a mental roadblock. Others just come to me when they need advice, which could be a few times per year.

How could an old fossil like you be up on current trends?

Yes, it’s true that I’m over 60, but to this day I remain a student. I have an insatiable curiosity for technology, marketing and design. I am a voracious reader. I read a new marketing book every week, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and read magazines. And here’s the weird part, I remember just about everything I read. On top of that, I constantly test all forms of marketing and advertising on my websites CocktailBuff.com, DrivingRoadTrips.com and others. I assure you that even after 30+ years of digital marketing, I still have skin in the game.

I thought you retired, why are you coming back now?

Yes, I did semi retire a couple of years ago, but only to take another run at affiliate marketing. Recently my colleague and I managed to net $1,700,000 (1.7 million USA dollars) in pure profit in just 18 short months and my book, Clicking it Rich 2 tells you how to do it too. After taking a well deserved break, I’m getting back into coaching and consulting because my daughter wants a pony. Just kidding. It’s to help people like you. It’s my way of philanthropy. I’m not a billionaire trying to cure a disease, but I am trying to cure people from lives of drudgery, by becoming wealthy solopreneurs, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ready to Get Started?

Find me on Skype. Look for username dynamic888 Michael W. Campbell in Vancouver. Send me an instant message. If I’m available, we can chat right away. Returning customers can book a session or arrange for coaching. If you are new, we can have preliminary discussion about your needs. If I can help you, we can set up a time for a consultation, or start the coaching.