About Michael W. Campbell

Photo of Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Sherman Hu

Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Sherman Hu

“Michael Campbell showed me one simple strategy that instantly increased website revenues, across ALL my sites by 32%. Not bad for an hour’s work!” ~ Ken McCarthy (The System ® Seminar)

This I Know…

If you need expertise in any of these areas, give me a call.

My knowledge, experience and wisdom is in: advertising, design, communications, demographics, psychographics, market research, consumer psychology, behavioural economics, persuasive advertising, copywriting, direct response, affiliate programs, affiliate marketing, continuity programs, digital documents, website production, traffic generation, usability, conversion optimization, prepress & print production, media buying, pay per click advertising, SEO & SEM, contextual ads, inbound marketing, database creation, small business operations, technical support, and audio production.

“Non stop marketing ideas and rock solid business advice, that’s why Michael is my most trusted advisor”. ~ Christian Weselak (Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, PPC Ninja)

What I’m Learning…

Learning is my inspiration and the reason why I love my work. It feeds my insatiable curiosity for technology, marketing, advertising and design.

Areas of interest currently being absorbed: artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, programmatic advertising, retargeting, native ads, listicles, cloud computing, neuromarketing, big data mining, data correlations, digital disruption, computer automation, social influence, behavior analysis, loyalty & incentive programs, location based targeting, video production, and specifically how to apply all the above to advertising and marketing.

Photo of Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Colin McDougall, Colin Arthur Weibe

 Michael W. Campbell, Ken McCarthy, Colin McDougall, Colin Arthur Weibe

“I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that I was receiving help from a guy that would propel my business beyond what I ever thought possible. Thanks to Michael Campbell I now enjoy the lifestyle I always dreamed of. If you want more from your work and your life, then you MUST listen to what Michael has to say. It’s an honest assessment without a hidden agenda.” ~ Colin McDougall (Millionaire Affiliate Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur)

My Teachers

In addition to 30 years of practical experience in marketing, I wouldn’t have my inherent expertise without studying all these amazing people and their work.

People that have contributed to my knowledge include: Terry O’Reilly, Roy H. Williams, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Robert Cialdini, Dan Ariely, Nathalie Nahai, Rory Sutherland, Susan Weinschenk, Eugene Schwartz, Jim Rohn, Daniel Kahneman, Harry Browne, Albert Lakser, Claude Hopkins, Jim Collins, Drew Eric Whitman, Gary Austin Witt, Richard St. John, Jennie Wong, Jeffrey Gitomer, Alan Weiss, Seth Godin, John Medina, Earl Nightingale, Simon Sinek, Dan Pink, plus countless other researchers, experts and geniuses.

My Publications

A few of the books and papers I’ve written since 1999 include:

Nothing but ‘Net, Clickin’ it Rich, The PPC Action Plan, Affiliate Revenue Secrets, Theming Websites for SEO, Search Engine Positioning, The Keyword Marketing Method, Revenge of the Mininet, Goobert Social Media Marketing, The Ultimate Heat Map, The Uncovery, Color Persuasion, Business Typology, ALOFT, and 16 years worth of the Internet Marketing Secrets newsletter.

“Michael Campbell more than doubled my conversion rate from 6.5% to 13.5%. He is a traffic and conversion genius.” ~ Edward Parry (UK Water Filters)

Helping Businesses…

Businesses small and large benefit from the clarity of an outside consultant. Fresh thoughts, ideas and solutions await.

Just a tiny fraction of the businesses I’ve helped since 1988 are: Dentsu America, Quebecor Communications, Dairyland Foods, BC Hydro, University of British Columbia, Intermedia Press, Roland Japan, Saputo Inc, Office Depot, Spectrum Signal Processing, Outward Bound International, Promo Media, Audio Logo Productions, Active MarketPlace, SEO Workshops, Search Engine Academy, UK Water Filters, Cell West, plus over 2,000 solopreneurs, affiliate marketers and business owners like you.

Helping People…

I’ve been given over 250 glowing testimonials and helped over 2,000 people toward success. Why not you?

A few people that I’ve helped since 1988 are: Ken McCarthy, Dr. Andy Williams, Christian Weselak (the PPC Ninja), Colin McDougall, Mike Marshall, Adam Black, Marlon Sanders, Leslie Rohde, Jerry West, Mary Greene, Ed Parry, James Martell, Sherman Hu, Clay Cotton, Stephen Mahaney, Jonathan Mizel, plus hundreds of other small business owners, affiliate marketers and people like you.

“A kind thanks for all the help you’ve provided Michael. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have made it. I quit my day job and started affiliate marketing full time. There have been some ups and downs, but I managed to gross about $1,000,000 (a million dollars) in single year. Pretty damn amazing.” Paul Nagel (Millionaire Affiliate Marketer)

Amazing Results…

Want to know more about these tantalizing turnarounds? I’ll be happy to share the stories once we get on the phone.

Recently I made 1.7 million dollars of pure profit, in just 18 months, using nothing but tiny pay per click ads and affiliate programs. (Selling other people’s stuff for a commission.)

I saved a mammoth print company over $20 million of dollars per year. All it took was five questions and five minutes of my time.

I rescued a global ad agency from costly production delays before they could shoot a commercial. All I did was walk onto the set, press a button and save them $200,000.

I doubled the conversion rate and revenue for national water filter company. All I did was jot down seven quick notes that changed everything.

I increased a multi-million dollar commercial printer’s profits by 40%. It took just three days of my time and the employees did all the rest.

I took a startup from one dude in a garage to $750,000 in less than nine months. All it took was a simple internet strategy.

I made a cellular accessory company $20,000 in a single day by asking customers a single question.

I pocketed a sweet $85,000 – in just three hours – using 100 year old advice from Mark Twain.

I saved a huge public utility over $200,000 a year by implementing a quick idea that only took a day of my time.


Michael Warren Campbell – Solopreneur, Business Strategist, Author, Coach, Mentor and Internet Marketing Consultant. (Also a wonderful husband and awesome daddy. Ok, so my family is a little biased.)

Michael W. Campbell was a mixologist, musician and recording engineer in Vancouver Canada during the late 1970s and early 80s. After attaining a degree in graphic design & communications in 1988 he started in advertising, producing creative works for commercial printers, ad agencies and media companies.

Marketing online since 1988 (pre internet days) Michael is regarded as a digital advertising pioneer, having invented many of the processes and phrases still in use today. He has authored hundreds of books and newsletters on internet marketing and is internationally recognized as a leading business expert, with an insatiable curiosity for all things advertising, marketing and design.

Recently, Michael generated 1.7 million dollars in pure profit, in 18 months, using nothing but PPC advertising and affiliate programs. He has written a manual on the process which you can take and use for free. Download “Clicking it Rich 2.0” here.

“Michael Campbell is one of the original lighthouses on the rocky shores of the Internet marketing world. I can promise you that if it wasn’t for his advice and guidance, I would not have been working from home all these years.” ~ Dr. Andy Williams (Author, Educator, WordPress & SEO Expert)